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Sample PDF Docs

Using These Sample Documents to Help with Trouble-Shooting

The purpose of these sample PDF documents is to help trouble-shoot problems displaying a PDF document in OnBase. The commonly-reported symptom is that the document opens in OnBase but is blank. The usual cause is that the PDF document itself is secured at some level, and the particular viewer being used to open the document is defeated by the security method. (See the Help page.)

The sample documents provide a mechanism for disentangling the document security method from other potential problems within OnBase. The sample documents provided here reside outside OnBase. If there are problems displaying these samples, then the problem is related to the interaction between the PDF document viewer and the document itself (most likely the document security). The problem does not lie within OnBase.

Once a PDF document is open (even if it is blank), you can check the Security Method and Document Restrictions Summary for the document by checking Document Properties|Security.

The sample PDF documents can be accessed from the links on the menu at the left. The documents are:

Plain (unsecured)

A vanilla PDF document with no security applied. The security method is listed as No Security.

Digitally Signed and Certified

A PDF document with a certificate issued by GeoTrust CA for Adobe, and certified (signed) by Arrow Systems ( The Signature Panel gives details of the certificate. The Security tab of Document Properties states * The author has certified this document to prevent changes. The security method is listed as No Security.


A PDF document with 256-bit AES Encryption Level applied. The security method is listed as Password Security.

Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management

PDF documents secured by Adobe Live Cycle Rights Management communicate back to a Live Cycle Rights Management server (for example to enforce the security policy that is applied to the document. A dynamic security model is achieved for the document in this fashion. The security method is listed as Adobe Live Cycle Rights Management.

A sample of a document secured by Adobe Live Cycle Rights Management is not provided on this page. Instead there are two screenshots showing Security Details and the Signature Panel for such a document.